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  Background Scope
GISFI Meeting Documents: Cloud and Service Oriented Network

Convergence in network technologies, services and in terminal equipment is at the basis of change in innovative offers and new business models in the communications sector. The utilization of the term “convergence” represents the shift from the traditional “vertical silos” architecture, i.e. a situation in which different services were provided through separate networks (mobile, fixed, CATV, IP), to a situation in which communication......More

Chairman: Parag Pruthi, Niksun
Vice Chairman: Debabrata Nayak, Huawei & Mr. Niranth Amogh, Huawei

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Document ID Document Title for Cloud and Service Oriented Network Author &
Organisation name
Date Meeting
Purpose Status
GISFI_CSeON_201406461 CSeON WG Proceedings at GSSM-17 Niranth (Vice-Chair, CSeON WG) , Huawei Jun, 2014 Discussion and Approval Approved
GISFI_CSeON_201403460 CSeON WG Proceedings at GSSM-16 Niranth (Vice-Chair, CSeON WG) , Huawei Mar, 2014 Discussion Approved
GISFI_CSeON_201312459 CSeON WG Proceedings at GSSM-15 Niranth (Vice-Chair, CSeON WG) , Huawei Dec, 2013 Discussion Approved
GISFI_CSeON_201309395 Input document to GISFI draft TR on Emergency Telecommunication Services NEC , NEC Sep, 2013 Discussion and Approval
GISFI_CSeON_201309396 Technical Report on Emergency Telecom ServicesDraft NEC , NEC Sep, 2013 Discussion and Approval
GISFI_CSeON_201309399 CSeON WG (GSSM#14) Agenda Niranth (Vice-Chair, GISFI CSeON WG) , Huawei Sep, 2013 Approval Approved
GISFI_CSeON_201309400 CSeON WG (GSSM#14) Preparatory Meeting Minutes Niranth (Vice-Chair, CSeON WG) , Huawei Sep, 2013 Approval Approved.
GISFI_CSeON_201309401 Collaboration between IEEE-SA & CSeON (GISFI) Sri Chandra , IEEE SA Sep, 2013 Discussion Noted.
GISFI_CSeON_201309402 Inputs towards ETS and M2M for Integrated Emergency Communication & Response System Suresh, Gita, Bhagyshri , CDAC Sep, 2013 Discussion Noted.
GISFI_CSeON_201309403 Proposal on GISFI-IEEE Joint Project on Emergency Services Delivery Architecture Niranth (Vice-Chair, CSeON WG), Sri Chandra (IEEE-SA SIG), Syam Madanapalli (IEEE SA EWS SG) , GISFI, IEEE-SA, iRam Technologies Sep, 2013 14th Discussion and Approval Approved
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