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  Background Scope
GISFI Meeting Documents: Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a worldwide network of intercommunicating devices. It integrates the ubiquitous communications, pervasive computing, and ambient intelligence. At this point (IoT) must be seen as a vision where "things", especially everyday objects, such as nearly all home appliances but also furniture, clothes, vehicles, roads and smart materials, and more, are readable, recognisable, locatable,?......More

Chairman: Balamuralidhar P
Vice Chairman: Mini Vasudevan, Ericsson

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Document ID Document Title for Internet of Things (IoT) Author &
Organisation name
Date Meeting
Purpose Status
GISFI_IoT_201406451 Technical Specification on IoT Security NEC , NEC Jun, 2014 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201406452 Study report on mapping the security requirement of GISFI Lightweight IoT architecture with OneM2M architecture NEC , NEC Jun, 2014 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201406457 Minutes of Meeting IoT WG #17 TCS , TCS, NEC Jun, 2014 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201403445 Study report on mapping the interface requirement of GISFI Lightweight IoT architecture with OneM2M architecture NEC , NEC Mar, 2014 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201403456 MoM GISFI IoT WG Meeting #16 TCS , TCS Mar, 2014 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201312438 Technical Specification - IoT Platform NEC , NEC Dec, 2013 Discussion and Approval
GISFI_IoT_201309407 TR on IoT Device Specific Protocols and Security Aspects NEC , NEC Sep, 2013 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201309408 Study report on Indian Government activities related to Internet of Thing NEC , NEC Sep, 2013 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201306409 Input document on different device specific protocol NEC , NEC Jun, 2013 Discussion
GISFI_IoT_201303378 Minutes of Meeting IoT WG , TCS, Erricson, NEC Mar, 2013 Information
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