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  Background Scope
GISFI Meeting Documents: Security and Privacy

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Chairman: Anand R. Prasad, NEC Corp.
Vice Chairman: Debabrata Nayak, Huawei

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Document ID Document Title for Security and Privacy Author &
Organisation name
Date Meeting
Purpose Status
GISFI_SP_201309427 Cyber Security and Mobile Networks Anand R. Prasad , NEC Corporation Sep, 2013 14th Discussion
GISFI_SP_201309428 Activities of ARIB Kohei SATOH , ARIB Sep, 2013 14th Discussion
GISFI_SP_201309429 How to secure the network - Darknet based cyber-security technologies for global monitoring and analysis Koji NAKAO , NICT Information Security Fellow, KDDI Sep, 2013 14th Discussion
GISFI_SP_201309430 TTC Standardization Activity Report Yoichi Maeda , CEO & S.V.P TTC, JAPAN Sep, 2013 Discussion
GISFI_SP_201309431 FRAMEWORK for NATIONAL NETWORK & CYBER SECURITY Ram Narain , DDG (Security), DOT Sep, 2013 14th Discussion
GISFI_SP_201309432 DoT M2M initiatives Reena Malhotra , DOT Sep, 2013 14th Discussion
GISFI_SP_201303373 GSSM#12 Security & Privacy Working Group: Agenda Anand R. Prasad, Chairman S&P WG , NEC Corporation Mar, 2013 Discussion and Approval
GISFI_SP_201303375 Terminology for GISFI Specifications Mayur Dave , NEC Mar, 2013 Approval
GISFI_SP_201303376 (Telecom Security) Policy Study and Proposals Mayur Dave , NEC Mar, 2013 Approval
GISFI_SP_201303377 GSSM#12 Security & Privacy WG: Closing Session Anand R. Prasad, Chairman S&P WG , NEC Mar, 2013 Discussion and Approval
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