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India sets up first Global ICT standardization forum, The Indian Express




New Delhi,

The industries and academicians came together for the launch of Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI), under the guidance of Centre for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF).

GISFI has been set up as a public-private partnership, which will include industry, academia, manufacturers, operators, standardization bodies, and the government.

The main objective of GISFI will be to harmonise and unify the standardization efforts within the Indian market and work in close cooperation with all standardization bodies acting as a catalyst for India’s growth as a knowledge-based economy. This will also result in improved competitiveness within companies and create conducive investor-friendly environment.

"Government supports GISFI’s initiatives and I am sure that this initiative would bring India to newer heights setting high standards globally," said Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and IT.

All the developed countries, or a group of countries, have their own standards development organisations, which formulate standards for their countries on the basis of applied research and development. These standards, sometimes, are country-specific thereby creating lots of interconnectivity and interoperability problems.

The purpose of forming the body was to alleviate the challenges of a highly fragmented marketplace, and to foster healthy competition, creating an environment that is conducive to both domestic and international investment.

GISFI will provide a platform for discussion where issues related to standardisation will be deliberated, information exchanged, and knowledge shared between all stakeholders.

"GISFI will lead towards the growth of India scientifically, financially and industrially and this is the first step to bring India on the Global Map," said Ramjee Prasad, Director, CTIF.