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GISFI to specifically oversee ICT Standardization in India, Telecom Tiger




New Delhi|11 Aug 2009

In an effort to harmonize and unify the ICT standardization processes inIndia, the Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI) has been formed with professionals from Industry, Academia, Manufacturers, Operators, Standardization Bodies, and Government contributing to the cause.

The Forum has been set up as a Public Private Entity and it is believed that it will lead to improved competitiveness within companies and creating more conducive investor-friendly environment in the country.

The idea of setting up such a Forum has been derived from developed countries which have similar standard development organizations.Indiauntil now followed standards created by other countries for some R&D activities. Normally ITU standards come in handy but the same are not available for all the technological solutions developed especially the newly launched innovations.

Prof Ramjee Prasad who has devised the idea of setting up such a Forum inIndiasays, “GISFI will lead towards the growth ofIndiascientifically, financially and industrially and this is the first step to bringIndiaon the Global Map.”

Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and IT comments, “Government supports GISFI’s initiatives and I am sure that this initiative would bringIndiato newer heights setting high standards globally.”

Henceforth GISFI will provide a platform for discussion related to standardization and upon reaching consensus among all the bodies, GISFI will appropriately frame the draft standards under ‘GISFI Standard’ before forwarding it to appropriate national body for acceptance.

Trials on new technological innovations are expected to fasten up post launch of the Forum