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Inauguration of GISFI PhD programme, 26th November, 2009




GISFI has currently started R&D activities with 11 PhDs working in the development of future technologies related to the working areas of the standards. The list of the PhD candidates are:

1. Kishor Puna Patil   
2. Dipashree Bhalerao    
3. Borhade Ravindra Honaji   
4. NandkumarP. Kulkarni  
5. Sachin Dilip Babar     
6. Madhukar M. Deshmukh
7. Sulakshana Patil
8. Manohar Chaudhari
9. Parikshit Narendra Mahalle
10. Shivprasad  P. Patil
11. Vandana Milind Rohokale