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Inauguration of I4CT on February 28 , 2010




A flourishing high-tech economy depends critically on a country's ability to provide two key elements: an outstanding research environment embedded in an excellent education system, and a deeply engrained culture of entrepreneurship. The International Institute for Innovation in Information Communication Technology (I4CT) will become an International Institute of Excellence with worldwide significance for PhD and post graduate education,research and entrepreneurship. Investment in Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) is the key factor in motivating innovations in companies, driving productivity growth, honing competitiveness and creating jobs. In some key areas - notably where ICTs can benefit society. I4CT will advance the research, development, and technical reputation of India by the joint effort and work with its Indian and European University Partners to lead the next revolution in ICT by the simultaneous focus given on the education, research and the marketplace. I4CT distinguishes itself from other Research and Development (R&D) initiatives by the expected impact of a joint Indian-European development of world-leading technology solutions. I4CT will bring a major paradigm shift in higher education. With its concept of commercialization of the research results it will provide entrepreneurship at the level of Masters and innovation at PhD level. With I4CT's new form of education, the education system in India which is job oriented, will move to the domain of innovative research leading to commercialization. Innovative research projects will lead to Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). I4CT aims that the comercialization of technology will give birth to a number of start-up companies based on future technologies and Fourth Generation (4G) leading towards a long term shift in R&D in India. It`s objectives are to register at least 100 PhD students in the identified areas in ICT, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Green Energy and conduct research suitable to user industries, to register at least 50% patents out of the work done by the PhD students under the guidance of the eminent researchers all over world. It will also offer consultancy and other services to user industry in ICT. It will act as a leadership stake-holder in the development of 4G market in the country in liaison with other research groups and government of India.