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5G: 2020 and Beyond




5G: 2020 and Beyond

Ramjee Prasad, CTIF, Denmark
ISBN: 9788793237131
Price : €70.00
Availabe From: September 2014

5G: 2020 and Beyond

The future society would be ushered in a new communication era with the emergence of 5G. 5G would be significantly different, especially, in terms of architecture and operation in comparison with the previous communication generations (4G, 3G...). This book discusses the various aspects of the architecture, operation, possible challenges, and mechanisms to overcome them. Further, it supports users? interaction through communication devices relying on Human Bond Communication and COmmunication-NAvigation- SENsing- SErvices (CONASENSE).

Topics broadly covered in this book are; ).

  • Wireless Innovative System for Dynamically Operating Mega Communications (WISDOM)
  • Millimeter Waves and Spectrum Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Device to Device Communication

Book available at River Publishers