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30th GISFI Standardisation Series Meeting and IEEE 5G Summit, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai




30th GISFI Standardisation Series Meeting and IEEE 5G Summit

Nov.16-17, 2017

Venue: SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai

SRM University

Organized by: SRM University

General Chair: Prof. Dr.T. Rama Rao, Professor & Head, Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM University
Contact Phone: +91-44-2741 7829
Fax: +91-44-27453903
Theme: Context-Aware Communications for the Secured Environment

Day 1:16-11-2017/ Thursday
Venue: Dr. TPG Auditorium Mini Hall 1& 2

Time Program Schedule
9.00-10.30Hrs Inauguration (Venue: Dr. TPG Auditorium Mini Hall 1)
9.00-9.05 Hrs Invocation and Lightening Lamp
9.05 - 9.10 Hrs Welcome Address: Dr. C. Muthamizhchelvan, Director (Eng. & Tech.), SRM University
9.10-9.20 Hrs Address by GISFI President: Prof. Ramjee Prasad, Aarhus University, Denmark
9.20 - 9.25 Hrs Signing the MoU & Release of GISFI-IEEE Summit Proceedings
9.25 - 9.35 Hrs Address by Chief Guest: Dr. Damodar Acharya, Director IIT Kharagpur
9.35 - 10.00Hrs Address by Guest of Honor: Dr. Anand R Prasad, NEC Japan
10.00-10.20Hrs Address by Keynote Speaker: Prof. Peter Lindgren, Aarhus University, Denmark
10.20-10.30Hrs About the Program &Vote of Thanks: Prof. T. Rama Rao, SRM University
10.30-10.45Hrs Tea/Coffee Break
10.45-12.00Hrs Technical Session I (Venue: Hall 1)
Topic: Algorithm & 5G Networks
Chair: Dr. KiritkumarLathia
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Optical Network Solutions for 5G Wireless Communications - Dr. Jayshree Rathnam
  • Methods for mitigation of ransom-ware using SDN - Mr.Anish Jyothi
  • Service chain optimization in SDN using NFV - Mr. Prathamesh
  • Planar Compact Microstrip Rat-Race Coupler with Harmonic Suppression Deploying Modified Loop Transmission Lines for 5G Networks - Dr. Sangeetha Velan
Technical Session II (Venue: Hall 2)
Topic: Algorithm & 5G Networks
Chair: Dr. Arun Golas
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Multi-machine Clustering Technique Using Parallel Fuzzy C-means Algorithm: Implementation and Speedup - Mrs. Manisha B. Kumbhar
  • D2D Communications Performance Analysis for LOS and NLOS Scenarios with DAV Algorithm - Mrs. Sreedevi A G
  • Overview of 5G Technology - Mr. R. Praveen
  • Data fault analysis in binary sensors - Mrs. Vaishali S. D
12.00-12.30Hrs Lunch
12.30-13.45Hrs Technical Session III (Venue: Hall 1)
Topic: Spectrum & 5G Optical Communications
Chair: Dr. Pawan K. Garg
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Dynamic Spectrum Access Using Reconfigurable Filtering Antenna - Ms. Deepa
  • Bandwidth Reconfigurable Microwave Filter for Dynamic Spectrum Access Using Reconfigurable Transmission Zeros - Ms. Saffrine Kingsly
  • Trellis Coded Modulation Based Digitized OFDM for Optical Wireless Communication - Mrs Harshita
Technical Session IV (Venue: Hall 2)
Topic: Security & Privacy
Chair: Dr. Ashok Chandra
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Cloud Security Using COSDAAC [Cluster Of Servers for Data Availability & Access Control] - Ms. Aaradhana
  • Dynamic Security Mechanism using Application Level Firewall for SDN -
Mr. Ashutosh Phatak  
  • Performance analysis of GSM & Bluetooth operated programmed Security system in an electric Motorcycle -
Mr. Arkoalo Palchaudhuri
13.45-14.00Hrs Tea/Coffee Break
14.00-14.40Hrs Invited Talk - Mr. Rajeev Singh - Johnson Controls, Gurgaon
14.40-16.00Hrs Technical Session V (Venue: Hall 1)
Topic: MIMO Communications
Chair: Prof. V. Prithviraj
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Analysis of the Channel Characteristics and Massive MIMO Communication Structure for 5G - Mr. Anshu Mukherjee
  • MIMO Antenna Integrated with Ellipsoid Slot Array for 4G and 5G Spectral Bands - Ms. Padmathilagam Sambandam
  • Multiband MIMO Antenna for 4G/5G Hand-Held Devices - Ms. Sangeetha
  • Dual, Reconfigurable CPW-FED Planar Antenna for MIMO Applications - Ms.K.U. Umamagesh
Technical Session VI (Venue: Hall 2)
Topic: Context aware Communications & IoT. Chair: Dr. Jayeshree Ratnam
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Analysis of MFCC features for Parkinson's Disease diagnosis using telehealth - Mr. Sam Masunda
  • Data transmission through LIFI using context aware Robo fish - Mr. Prashant Saxena et al
  • Smart irrigation system using IoT - Ms. C.L.Femi
  • Internet of things (IoT) based attendance monitoring & intrusion detection System using ti cc3200 launch pad - Mr. K. Manikandan
16:00-16:20Hrs Special Talk 1: Prof. Jayashree Ratnam, Siksha O Anusandhan University
Title: Optical Network Solutions for 5G Wireless Communications
16:20-16:40Hrs Special Talk 2: Munir Mohamad, IEEE India
Title: 5G Initiative
16.40 - 17.40Hrs GISFI Session I: Security and Privacy
  Chair: Dr. Anand R. Prasad, NEC Japan
Vice Chair: Dr. Debu Nayak, Huswei India
Secretary: Dr. Sivabalan Arumugam, NEC India
Invited Talk: Dr. Vandana Rohokale, SIT
17.40-18.50Hrs Technical Session VII (Venue: Hall 1)
Topic: Antennas and RF Communications
Chair: Dr. K. Malathi
Title of the Presentations - Speakers:
  • Dual Band Miniaturized Reconfigurable UWB Filters - Ms.V. Kokila
  • A Dual band E-Shaped Patch Antenna with Defective Ground Structures for Wearable Applications - Ms. C.Aruna
  • High Gain Microstrip Patch Antenna With Asymmetric Cross-Shaped DGS for WLAN Applications - Ms. A.KeerthanaiPriya
  • Design Of 180 Degree Hybrid Coupler With And Without Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure (EBG) - Ms. B.Pavithra
  • LCP Based Planar High Q Embedded Band Pass Filter for Wireless Applications - Mr.V.Sateesh Kumar
Technical Session VIII (Venue: Hall 2)
Topic: Antennas and RF Communications
Chair: Dr. Vandana Rohokale
Title of the Presentations- Speakers:
  • Compact Polarization Reconfigurable Monopole Radiator for Fifth Generation Mobile Networks Applications - Ms. Yogeshwari
  • Compact Dual Band Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna for Future 5G Application Bands - Ms. Lavanya
  • 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Radio Link Experiments for V2V Communications - Mrs. Ramya Vijay
  • Wide Band Dipole Antenna for Wearable Wireless Application - Mr. Deepesh
18.50-20.00Hrs Cultural Function - Dr. T P G Auditorium Mini Hall 1
20.30-22.00 Hrs Banquet Dinner - SRM Hotel

Day 2: (17-11-2017/Friday)
Venue: Dr. TPG Auditorium Mini Hall 1 & 2
9.00 - 9.40Hrs Invited Talk / GISFI -IEEE - Dr. Radha Krishna G, IIT Madras
9.40-10.40Hrs GISFI Session II: Spectrum
Chair: Dr. Pawan K. Garg, Former Member, Radio Regulations Board, ITU
Vice Chair 1: Dr. Tilak Raj Dua, GISFI
Vice Chair 2: Dr. Ashok Chandra, Former Wireless Advisor, GoI
Secretary: Dr. Sanjay Kumar, BIT, Mesra
Invited Talk: Dr. Navin Kumar, Amrita School of Engineering, Banglore
10.40-11.00Hrs Tea/Coffee Break
11.00- 11.30Hrs GISFI Session III: Green ICT
Chair: Dr. BasavarajHooli, Indiviual Member
Vice chair: Dr. SuvraSekhar Das, 11T Kharagpur,
Invited Talk: Prof. V Prithviraj, Former Principal College of Engineering
11.30-12.00Hrs GISFI Session IV: Future Radio Network
Chair: Dr. Krishna Sirohi, i2TB Research Foundation
Vice chair. Dr. Navin Kumar, ASE, Bangalore
Invited Talk: Dr. KalyanSundaram, SAI Technology Pvt Ltd
12.00-12.30 Hrs GISFI Session V: Special Interest Group
Chair: Dr. Krishna Sirohi, i2TB Research Foundation
Vice Chair: Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, AT&T
Invited Talk: Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Singh
12.30-13:00Hrs Lunch
13.00-13.30Hrs GISFI Session VI: Internet of Things
Chair: Dr. Balamuralidhar P., TCS
Vice Chair: Dr. Preetam Kumar, IIT Patna
Invited talk: Dr. ArunGolas, Former DDG DoT,
13:30-14.00 Hrs GISFI Session VII: Cloud Service Oriented Network (CSeON)
Chair: Dr. Prarag Pruthi, NIKSUN
Vice Chair: Dr. Niranth Amogh, Huawei
Invited Talk: Dr. Dnyanesh S Mantri, SIT
14.00-14.30Hrs Valedictory Session (Venue : Dr T P G Auditorium Hall 2)
  Brief Report on Technical Sessions and Panel Discussions:
  Feedback from the Participants
  Address by GISFI President: Prof. Ramjee Prasad
Vote of Thanks: Prof. Janhavi Inamdar, GISFI
14:30 onwards Site Seeing - Kancheepuram Temple &Mahabalipuram beach

Note: GISFI-IEEE Summit Proceedings is coming with ISBN - 978-93-84136-11-6

From each session 01 or 02 Best Presented papers will be suggested to Springer's Wireless Personal Communications [WPC -] River Publishers - Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility and Journal of Communication, Navigation, Sensing and Services (CONASENSE - as per respective Journal terms & conditions.



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